crowdfunding campaign Historock

Historock, the rock-opera to get the young generations to love the History of France !

Historock is a rock-opera which contains 19 tracks about the history of France, from the cathedrals to the General de Gaulle.

This unique pedagogical project was created by the historian and ex professor in priority education area Dimitri Casali. It is assumed by the Fondation pour l’École.

The goal of Historock ? Pass down the passion for History of France to young generations.

The rock-opera comes with 19 video-clips made by Ugo Bimar, the Youtuber of Confessions d’Histoire.

Creation and monitoring of the campaign:
What we have done:

To finance the filming of the video-clips, the diffusion of the shows and the creation of the pedagogical booklet, we worked on the implementation of a crowdfunding campaign.

  • Photoshootings and video recordings during the session at Frigo de Paris and Ugo Bimar’s video-clips filming.
  • Creation of a corporate identity and style guide for the campaign.
  • Creation of a video and picture advertising pack for the marketing campaign.
  • Creation of a crowdfunding page and a video teaser.
  • Configuration of the web marketing campaign, monitoring, reporting, analysis of datas and optimizations.