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Newsoul generates active communities to serve your reason for being


150 websites

58 social campaigns

120 graphic redesigns

8 social action programs

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We design campaigns, from graphic and editorial design to advertising activation, to constitute and federate communities working on socio-cultural and humanitarian issues.

We devise conversational strategies based on original contents and experiences in order to increase the renown of an organization, help them develop a close relationship with their varied publics and make them active members of their projects.


  • Awareness / mobilisation scenarios
  • Conversational strategies
  • Digital fundraising
  • Business & non profit convergence models

Graphic design

  • Visual and graphic identity
  • Webdesign
  • Merchandising
  • Print and edition of materials
  • Movies / motion design


  • Websites
  • Online shops
  • Social media and interactive platforms
  • Growth hacking (bot, scraping, api programming)

Social media marketing

  • Permanent editorial and graphic lines
  • Traffic management and social media campaigns programming
  • Search engine optimization (SEO) and advertising (SEA)
  • Community management
  • Display campaigns and native advertising


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Site Paroisse


A website to serve the parishes


A solution for websites dedicated to parishes

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Ensemble 2 Générations



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AED / Aid to the Church in Need


Association 0NG


Graphic design, social media, fundraising

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Lazare – An unforgettable human adventure


Associations et ONG


Graphic design, digital strategy, social media

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Clubhouse – Hope on top


Associations and NGO


Graphic design, digital strategy, social media, fundraising

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Associations and ONG


Consulting, graphic design, development

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Whatever is the issue we have to answer to, we always rely on our client’s reason for being.

It’s based on what makes you unique, irreplaceable and your intangible values which constitute your identity and reason for being that we build our content programs and our digital or event campaigns.

Charitable foundations

Fundraising, recruitment, influence

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Patronage, social action program, CSR, advertising ecology...

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Ils nous font confiance

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Our team

Strategy Project Design Marketing Web
« The essence of a project is the perfect harmony between aesthetics, usefulness and fairness »

Jérémie Faber

Lead Webdesigner

« This is not a bug, it is an undocumented feature! »

Marc Lafond

« Created to create »

Benjamin Corbisiero

Lead Designer

« To try is already to succeed »

Béatrice Brouet

Webmarketer Manager

« In reality, the whole difficulty lies in the simplicity. »

Lead Developer

« The journey is a slow teacher »

Jean A. Rinvil

Web Developer

Camille Gaschignard

Chef de Projet


The adhesion criteria to the brands are totally separated from the concrete appreciation of the products and services they offer but only focus on the peripheral and immaterial values they represent (sociological reference, cultural position, anthropological belief).

Before, the possession of goods was prioritized over use, but the era of compulsive consumption is resolute and the consumers-actors now question every brand about their core reason for being.

The concrete commitments of the company (CSR, Foundation, Program) and the nature of its advertising speech are the ones that define it.

Then, what matters for companies is at least to communicate their vision and challenges to the staff, shareholders and clients, but above all to engage these communities to participate in the realisation of the brand promise in order to guarantee a lasting adhesion.

As a digital communication agency serving committed brands and non-profit structures, Newsoul valorizes the social and cultural commitments of its clients. The agency develops collaborations between the actors of the economic and philanthropic world and wants to offer a new advertising language which would answer people's real aspirations and preoccupations and provoke the adhesion of active communities for the common good.

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It is our duty to change the world. Each generation has the inalienable right to renew the society in which he was born. No inalienable heritage should prevail over his will.

Thomas Paine